Organic Chemistry II Cheat Sheet

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Save time from creating your own reference sheet for all of your upcoming Ochem exams by using our well-researched study guide. Our team worked hard to create study guides for 1st and 2nd-semester organic chemistry courses by highlighting all of the important concepts for you to memorize and recall. In addition, these study guides not only will help you get better grades in college but can also be used in the future whether it be the MCAT or any other graduate-entry exam.

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What’s Included in Ochem 2 Reference Sheets:

  1. Preparation of ethers
    • Acid-catalyzed dehydration of ethanol
    • Williams Ether Synthesis
  2. Reactions of Ethers
    • Aciditive cleavage
    • Autooxidation
  3. Preparation of epoxides
    • Alkenes + peroxy acids
    • Halohydrins
    • Enantioselective Epoxidation
  4. Reactions of Epoxides
    • Ring-opening reactions of epoxides
  5. Reactions of Thiols
  6. Preparation of Thiols
  7. Diene Reactions
  8. Diels-Alder Reaction
  9. Aromatic Compounds
  10. Aldehydes/Ketones
  11. Carboxylic acids
  12. Amides/Nitriles
  13. Esters
  14. And Much More!


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  1. Mary T.

    Great reference card for all the major ochem reactions.

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