How to take DNA Ancestry Test

DNA Ancestry Test

It is always essential to determine your roots. More of your ancestral narratives are built just because of different stories that your grandparents told you about or maybe you just heard the stories alone. No matter what kind of starting point you have in mind, you still need to learn how to find out your ancestry.


How to Find Out Your Ancestry

Here are some of the best ways on how to determine your own ancestry:

  • DNA Ancestry Test

It is a new DNA testing service making use of the latest testing autosomal technology to revolutionize the way of discovering the history of your family. This service makes use of highly advanced DNA science in predicting your genetic ethnicity. It also helps you in finding your family connections. It provides maps of ethnicity that goes back to several generations and gives you some insights of some possibilities such as the regions your ancestors possibly came from. It can also help in identifying your relationship with some unknown relatives with the help of dynamic DNA members match lists.

  • 23andMe

This is also another service providing two types of personal genetic services namely the ancestry and healthy plus ancestry services. These services require submitting your saliva sample with the use of saliva collection kits that will then be sent into the laboratory for some analysis. All the samples are processed only by the LabCorp who are not familiar with the details of their clients just their ID number.

With these two types of tests, the DNA ancestry testing is the commonly chosen one due to the accurate results that it offers.

How is DNA Ancestry Testing Differs from Other Types of DNA Tests?

There are different types of DNA tests that you may undergo. However, DNA ancestry test is commonly chosen among the other because of its unique difference from other DNA tests.

  • More Comprehensive – Unlike the mitochondrial or Y-chromosome DNA test, ancestry DNA test make use of autosomal tests surveying the entire genome of a person in more than thousands of locations. It also covers both paternal and maternal side of your family tree, hence covering the entire lineages.
  • Gender Neutral – Both women and men can take this ancestry DNA exam. It is also tested at the same level of details and results that are more precise than others are.
  • Predicts recent ethnicity of genes – Great thanks to the advances in the DNA technology, this tests can compare your samples from different parts of the world to help you learn more about the ethnic history and background of your family – not only your family’s ancient history but also the places and people that really matters to you.
  • Enhanced matching of the DNA – Unlike the mitochondrial or Y-chromosome DNA tests, this ancestry DNA tests provides broader DNA range. This helps in identifying your matches all throughout a family tree both for your maternal and paternal sides.
  • Information is more recent and relevant – This DNA test targets the history of your family even for hundreds or thousands of years ago compared to mtDNA and Y tests that have 10,000 up to 50,000 years focus.

With the above-mentioned difference of DNA ancestry to some other DNA tests, it is not surprising to know that more and more people these days are really showing their great interest to undergo such type of DNA testing. This is just to have a clear insight regarding their family history and to determine as to what group they belong.

How Accurate DNA Ancestry Test Is?

Ancestry test make use of advanced techniques in science in producing results. This test analyzes and measures the entire genome of a person in thousands of locations. During the process of testing, each sample DNA is help in a high quality standard for about 98 percent call rate. Results that do not completely meet with the standards may require for some new samples. Then, your DNA is compared to a more unique and comprehensive collections of the DNA samples from the people around to determine some overlaps.


How Can DNA Ancestry Tests Help You with Your Research?

Your DNA holds information to help you make new and relevant discoveries concerning the history of your family, cultural roots and confirm information of your family. With the use of DNA test in association with a subscription to ancestry, you are assured that you will receive some hints that can guide you with your research and connects you with some of your new relatives. New relatives that you have discovered may give you additional information, photos and family story to share and tell. It also gives you only those recent and more relevant pieces of information that can be very beneficial to your research.

Therefore, give DNA ancestry test the chance to give you more possibilities concerning your family history or ethnicity today!

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